Видео: 1997 Ford Probe 4cyl review

Review of my 1996 Ford Probe GT

Bought: October 1st 2010 for $550...bad disty, body damage, bad timing belt and tensioner Traded: January 31st 2011 for a 1996 ...

My 1995 Ford Probe Base

Decided to make a quick walkthru video of my recently purchased 1995 Ford Probe. Its the base model with a 2.0L inline 4 motor, ...

1994 Ford Probe Nice CLEAN Original Car 28MPG super Commuter Bubble top FOR SALE $2450

This is a Really clean little Ford Probe it is Super clean and is a great running little car it shifts steers and rides great there is just ...

4 Cylinder Ford Probe

Fred House's 91 Ford Probe, Pro-Stick, 4 cylinder, turbo, five speed. An 8.30 pass at MIR, 2009.

97 Ford probe GT

97 Ford probe GT $2100.

94' Ford Probe SE 4 cyl 0-60mph

Sorry for the shaking the road i was on was pretty shitty. This probe is bone stock and has 173000 miles on it and still does pretty ...

1997 Ford Probe base 2.0L 5speed

Won't engage to go in motion, there's pressure in the pedals... Need insight on the problem.

Oil Change On A Ford Probe SE

How to do a oil change on my 1996 Ford Probe SE.

The 1996 Ford Probe SE

This is about my 1996 Ford Probe SE. It was a rainy day so obviously I couldn't go all out. This video was suggested by FPGT24 ...

Traded my 96 Neon for a 97 Ford Probe GT

Well I was finally afforded the opertunity to get the GT My friend traded for this car some time ago and then his brouther came up ...

1997 Ford Probe 0-60 mph

Can you believe this car has 205k miles on it? Original engine. Completely stock, no mods on it at all. It would have been 9 ...

Junkyard Find: 1997 Ford Probe SE

I wanted one of these in HS in the early 2000s but not the 4 cylinder which this one is.

OMG !! Junkyard Gem 1994 Ford Probe, This car was intended to be the Mustang of the 1990s Broom Car

OMG !! Junkyard Gem 1994 Ford Probe, This car was intended to be the Mustang of the 1990s Broom Car Watch More Cars Video ...

1997 Ford Probe GT cat punch before and after

my car was slow, wouldn't go above 4500-5000 rpms, and i got 18-20 mpg. i took a hammer to the bottom of the cat and heard ...

Ford Probe Tribute

Topspeed at the end of the Video.

1997 Probe GT walk-around

Just a quick overview of my 1997 Ford Probe GT. With exhaust clip.

97 probe gt

Recorded using iVidCam on my iPhone.

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