Видео: Sony HDR XR550

2010 Sony Handycam HDR XR550 Demo Video

This is the demo video that is already on the camcorder when you buy it.

Sony HDR XR550

Câmera a venda no Mercado Livre.

Sony HDR-XR550 Slow Motion Test & Tutorial

This is my first instructional video, so I hope it helps. Fast forward to 2:05 if you just want slowmo. Feel free to comment or ask any ...

2010 Sony Handycam HDR XR550 Test Videos

These are test videos recorded with the Sony Handycam HDR XR550 video camera. Thank you for watching!!!! ZachTV18 Zach ...

Sony HDR-CX550V HD Handycam Camcorder

Record breathtaking 1920 x 1080 high-definition video and 12-megapixel still images directly to 64GB of embedded Flash ...


This is just a short review on the Sony Hanycam HDR XR550. I am sure that it is not the latest one out, SUBSCRIBE. Remember ...

Sony Hdr xr550v agosto 2018

Configuração profissional.

hdr xr550 filmadora sony

hdr xr550 filmadora sony.

Supermoon 032011 | Sony HDR-XR550

Videographer & Editor: Bong Fernandez (http://www.BongVideos.com) Camera Used: Sony HDR-XR550E Editing Software: Sony ...

Sony HDR-XR550 camcorder - Preview

Tech Digest get to have a hands-on look at Sony's latest full HD camcorder, the HDR-XR550. With a 250GB hard drive, Exmor R ...

My Dog Stays Warm (Sony HDR XR550)

I make sure my dog is warm during the winter time. ZachTV18 is my main Youtube account. Thanks for watching :)

Night Shot Test Sony Handycam HDR XR550

These are some test videos using Night Shot mode on the Sony Handycam HDR XR550 video camera. Thanks for watching :)

HQ footage by Sony XR550 test [Watch in HD!]

Footage made by new excellent videocam Sony HDR-XR550 Watch in HD!

Sony HDR XR550 put through the paces

All of this video was filmed with the Sony HDR XR550 which will be a back up camera and also the one to take under water for HD ...

Sony HDR-XR550

Sony HDR-XR550 Filming On the pond.

Dragonfly Low Light and zoom Sony HDR XR550

Dragonfly Low Light and zoom Sony HDR550 (filmowanie w słabym oświetleniu oraz zoom +/-)

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