Видео: Testo Smart Probes Gen 2: RTU Distance Test W/iPad Pt. 1

testo Smart Probes Gen 2: RTU Distance Test W/iPad Pt. 2

For business inquiries: [email protected] My Amazon Shop: https://www.amazon.com/shop/jonhvac Shop Amazon through this ...

First Look: testo Smart Probes Gen 2 Long Range

First look at testo smart probes AC & refrigeration test & load kit.

Testo Gen Two Smart Probes Demo And Review - HVAC Tool Review

In this HVAC tool demonstration/review we look at the Testo AC/Refrigeraion Test and Load Kit. The second gen smart probes ...

testo Smart Probes Gen 2: Attic Distance Test Pt. 2

Attic range testing on testo smart probes gen 2.

testo Smart Probes Gen 2: Distance Test W/iPad

Apple iPad 6th Gen: https://amzn.to/2RjnRLv iPad Magnetic Case: https://amzn.to/2Xoo45g

NEW Testo probes

We test the range and functionality of the NEW Testo probes.

Tech Tip For Your Smart Probes

There are many options for "low loss fittings" out there. These are the fittings I use for all my smart probes. They are CPS Swivel ...

HVAC/R Smart Probes Open Air Distance Test | Testo vs. Fieldpiece vs. UEI

HVAC Shop Talk podcast represents the blue collar boys and girls in the skilled trades, especially HVAC. On this channel you will ...

Testo AC and Refrigeration Smart Probes

These Smart Probes are great for on the go preventative maintenance contracts and diagnostics. Pair up with the free Smart ...

HVAC Temperature/Humidity Sensor - Testo 605i

This sweet smart probe quickly measures temperature and humidity using the free testo smart probes app. It automatically ...

Testo smart probes refrigeration set demo

This video demonstrates how an engineer uses the testo smart probe refrigeration set which includes: the testo 549i x2 and the ...

Detecting Surface Moisture w/ Testo Smart Probes

HVAC school detects surface moisture using tools from the new expanded Testo Smart Probes Case. We show how you can use the ...

Link Testo probes with measureQuick app

Learn how to link your Testo probes with the measureQuick applicaiton.

Testo Smart Probes Cooling / Heating Load with testo 605i's

Testing system capacity with the testo smart probes. Learn more at https://www.testo.com/en-US/products/smartprobes.

Checking Actual Heat Output Of A Rooftop Unit Using Testo Smart Probes

Read First My pal Jason Rende has kindly reminded me that the discharge probe should be out of line of site of the heat ...

Testo Smart Probes - Real world Bluetooth Range

We are still getting tons of techs interested in picking up a set of the Testo Smart Probes. Several are still interested in field test ...

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